The Irresistible Charm of Empire Wedding Dresses

The Irresistible Charm of Empire Wedding Dresses

It’s reasonable that every bride wants to be eye-catching on her big day. Therefore, brides spare no efforts to stealing the show in the throng. As a matter of fact, an empire wedding dress can help the bride make some difference on her big day. The bride looks gorgeous and elegant in an empire wedding dress.

An empire dress has a raised waistline which sits just below the bust with the rest of the dress flowing down to the hem. Empire wedding dresses are body-hugging. The upper part can accentuate the bust line which can well conceal the fact that brides have small busts. At the same time, skirts dropping at the bottom line of the bust can elongate the torso and make the petite brides taller. What’s more, the empire wedding gown can also conceal the bulgy belly for those brides that have apple shapes. The empire bridal dress is also a great alternative for those who have thick waistlines for the loose skirt structure that can hide their plump waists. Oddly enough, the dress with a scoop neck or v neck in empire square cut can moderately minimize large busts too.

Empire Wedding Dresses

The empire wedding dress style is quite versatile. Apart from waistline design, there are many design options that can contribute to the overall look of the dress. It comes to a wide range of sleeve length from long and bell sleeves for a winter wedding to a sleek and sleeveless design best for an outdoor summer affair. With respect to the fabric material, lighter fabrics work best on empire design because they can make movement easier and skirt flow down fluidly. In the meanwhile, layering silk chiffon over a base fabric contributes to a romantic effect, especially when the layers are tired a petal style. Lace is another material works well on an empire dress. Contrasted two fabrics can also result in a fabulous appearance such as pairing a delicate brocade bodice with a simple satin skirt.

Besides the dress itself, it’s wise to make use of some accessories which are harmonious with your dress style. You are strongly advised that choose simple bridal jewelry like pearl or diamond necklaces which work best on the simple but classic dress style. The elegance and charm of the dress can be fully presented with the help of the delicate jewelry. Brides can be as elegant and gorgeous as princesses in empire wedding dresses. If you have a small bust, or bulgy belly or large bust or short, an empire dress can well conceal the parts of which you are not proud. You can always find what you want from an empire wedding dress.