The Brabus C-class

The Brabus C-class

The new C-class was only recently been introduced in Germany and already the tuning giant Brabus is set to give the new C-Class some engine upgrades and a modified body kit with some accessories.

If Mercedes-Benz would like to keep its latest AMG-fettled creation under wraps until the New York Show then it’s entirely a different story for the people in Brabus since they simply just can’t wait to show off what they did with the new W204 C-Class.

Brabus installs a special crankshaft together with some large pistons which increase the displacement to 4.0 liters. The four-valve cylinder heads were optimized for gas flow and were fitted with special camshafts. The other modification done includes a stainless-steel high-performance exhaust system with metal catalysts together with some newly programmed engine electronics. This conversion has resulted in a maximum power output of 244 kW and a peak torque of 420 Nm at 4200 r/min making the petrol-powered Brabus model capable of sprinting from 0 to 100 km/h in a matter of 5.6 seconds while reaching a top speed of 275 km/h.

The Brabus C-class

Every detail and component of the C-class was not exempted from the attention of the Brabus from the Mercedes ignition coil to the oil burners; etc.—all received the company’s PowerXtra performance kit for the C200 CDI. The first stage of modification D2 (III) includes increasing the power of the 2.0-liter common-rail diesel by 29 kW while the torque soars to 450 Nm.

The Barbus D3 (III) kit increased the power stakes for the C200 CDI by delivering 143 kW while the torque remains the same as the D2 (III). The top of the range C320 CDI gets the D6 (III) kit which revs out an additional 36 kW and boosts the torque to a seismometer-tripping 590 Nm which according to Brabus will allow the C320 CDI to reach 0 to 100 km/h in as short as 6.9 seconds and reaching a top speed of 250 km/h.

The Brabus stainless-steel quad sport exhaust system is offered for all engine variants together with a pair of performance braking systems, custom-made alloys of up to 20 inches in diameter, lowering kits and sway bars.

The Brabus will also offer a striking body kit with time in the wind tunnel that has resulted in a mean-looking vent front spoiler, a three-piece rear spoiler, and a utilitarian rear apron. There are also carbon-fiber mirror covers and optional LED entrance lights which adds to the attractive styling of the Brabus C-Class.

The remarkable interior features of the Brabus C-Class are handcrafted with Mastik leather upholstery complete with Alcantara accents that is aside from the numerous carbon-fiber and wood trim kits. Accessories that include a sculpted sports steering wheel, aluminum foot pedals and an optimistic 330 km/h speedometer are also available as an option.

It must be reassuring on the part of Mercedes-Benz knowing that there are companies like the Brabus that make use of their vehicles to compete head-to-head with the mighty BMW Series.

How to Get Easy Money

How to Get Easy Money

Thought today would be just the same as every other morning but when I checked my Inbox I found out that I had won 2 international lotteries that I had no idea that I had ever entered and the family for some dead prince in Nigeria wants me to act as the next of kin and they will let me keep 10% of his net worth. With all this money coming in I am going to be living on easy street and never have to work again.

How to Get Easy Money

Anybody with an email address could become a victim in the ever-growing outbreak of Identity theft, Nigerian scams, phishing scams, etc. People fall for the scams because we are always looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. These scammers would make great salespeople because they realize that everything is a numbers game. I get so many emails from all these different banks asking me to click here and update my information. The scammers know that most of the recipients of these emails will never respond but if they send one that looks like it’s from CitiBank they know that anybody that actually has a CitiBank account will probably respond.

I’ve got an email that has asked me to update my eBay account, my Paypal account, and my Chase Manhattan account. I know for a fact that I do not have an eBay or a chase account. You would think that sites like eBay, who have 120 million registered users, would send an email to educate their registered users but eBay says that they want no liability so they just let their users get scammed. Most of these people will only lose money while others will spend time in jail or have their credit damaged beyond repair.

If you check just your local news you should see many stories regarding the scams that are currently out there. If you are selling an item via eBay or the classifieds and a buyer send you a check for over the payment price then chances are this is part of a scam, especially if they want you to wire the excess funds via Western Union. If you get an email about working from home collecting payments for a company and they say you can keep 10% then chances are you are involved in a processing scam. If you get an email about someone dying with no next of kin and they want you to act as the next of kin well do you remember the old saying “if it looks to be too good to be true then chances are it is?

Earthlink has come up with a web browser that will help you identify these phishing sites and I am sure that other companies have come up with something also. A lot of sites have cropped up in recent months that will help educate you on what’s going on plus some of them will even offer assistance if you have become a victim. There’s one called ScamSafe, another called Fraudaid, and my wife has one called theft nightmare. I cannot include the extensions because people then think I am promoting these sites which I am not.

Just keep in mind that there are no shortcuts in life. if you get a questionable email then please ask for the opinion of someone else so that you don’t fall victim to a scam. Also, remember that most banks and credit card companies will not send your info via an email and if they want you to verify something chances are they will have you call them.

Children In Documentary Photography

Children In Documentary Photography

Many of the world’s strongest documentary photos depict children. Since 1955 there have been 50 winners of the prestigious World Press Photo award, and 40% of the winning photographs depict children. Again and again, we see documentary photos of children in magazines, news stories and as leading photographs in fundraising campaigns for aid, development work and catastrophe relief efforts. Why is that Well, not only are children cute but because of their innocence and vulnerability, they evoke strong feelings of sympathy in the viewer. We simply can’t help empathizes with the child we see in the photo, even if it was taken on the other side of the planet. With children too young to be seriously mixed up in politics and religion, the photos of children have the ability to cross all borders and reach out to our hearts. If they are produced rightly, that is.

What makes a strong documentary photo of a child. There are some concepts that just seem to work again and again. The mother holding her child. The child alone and crying. Children playing in the middle of poverty and destruction. Children staring from down to up, into the camera. With eyes wide open and a desperate look on their face. These photos motifs have almost become click’s, so it is up to us, the photographers, to use our artistic talents to avoid overdoing the click. As a general rule though, if you can capture a child displaying a strong emotion in your photo, you have a good chance to make a powerful photo.

There is another couple of tips to make strong documentary photos of children. Generally speaking, try to go close to the child and avoid interfering in the child’s natural behavior. These rules can, of course, be contradictory. If the child starts to make unnatural poses and gestures at the camera, you don’t get that authentic feeling. But if the child is doing something, playing, overwhelmed with feelings or otherwise occupied in his or her thoughts, you can usually sneak in a couple of shots without the child noticing anything. Keep your camera ready and have the exposure set before you put the camera in front of your eyes. And while you are in the process, try to distract the child,s attention away from the camera by asking him or her some questions if necessary. Being close to the child and using a wide-angle lens usually makes for a more open photo, one that asks more questions than it answers. It also gives a feeling of intimacy between the child and the person looking at the photo, thus evoking a stronger emotional response.

And don’t forget, since you are probably higher than the child, also try and bend down or even lie down on the ground, holding the camera in the same height as the children’s eyes. Eye contact can be a strong element and as with being up close and personal, it can give a more direct connection between the subject and the audience.

Sometimes it is alright to have the child pose a bit for the camera. Generally, though, it can be difficult to give direct instructions to a child as to how to pose. Try to look sad/happy doesn’t work very well with children or, in fact, other people who aren’t actors or professional models. Instead, just use their natural curiosity for the camera and wait for the right moment. And if you really want to give instructions, ask them to do something instead of asking them to look in a certain way. How high can you jump Kick the ball over there! Active instructions make for more natural looks. The keywords to remember here is natural behavior, emotions, innocence, and vulnerability. With that in mind, you can get great and powerful documentary photos of children.

And finally, it is also important to remember that journalism is never 100% objective. And neither is photojournalism and documentary photography. Does a photo only show one angle of the complete picture? As documentary photographers, we have the power to choose which side of the story we want to show. But we also have a duty not to distort the facts. This is where a photo series can be a good idea. A photo series can not only capture the strong emotions but can show the variety and diversity of a certain topic, be it children or any other theme.

American Heart Association Providing Cpr First Aid Training Through Online

American Heart Association Providing Cpr First Aid Training Through Online

We are not far from the day when every second person will be a first aid certified in the office, at home, on-street, at the marketplace, parties and so on. American Heart Association CPR provides various first aid courses that accommodates in requirements of healthcare aids in every industry. Manufacturing, chemical, oil & refineries, construction, mining, etc are the industries that have a high rate of incidents providing injuries, pains, burns, and fractures to the employees. Industries take crucial precautions to eliminate health-hazardous situations by implementing all industry standards to protect employees. Still, accidents occur that need first aid trained professionals to protect and relieve pain, injuries or health issues until medical resources arrive.

American Heart Association Providing Cpr First Aid Training Through Online

American Heart Association CPR provides several online first aid courses that can be obtained by all sections in society. The online tutorials are attached to digital images infusing every detail easily in the minds of the students. Students can read, learn and train themselves for first aid courses from anywhere at any time. A few hours in a week or few days in a month will help students learn various courses such as ACLS certification, PALS certification, first aid training programs, OSHA training, CPR certification, BLS certification, AED training, and so on. All such courses have practical classroom pieces of training provided by senior/expert medical professionals from the industries.

Expert professionals impart their crucial knowledge and information learned in their professional tenure. Thus, students obtain extra pieces of training that make them think out of the book during any emergency. This helps patients need first aid in adverse circumstances where medical resources are impossible or located too far. Today, online is the prime source of all information. Smartphones, laptops, computers, tabs are common gadgets found in every hand and at home. Surfing the internet is the normal habit adapted and prevailing across societies. Therefore, curving such habits towards online first aid learning will open job opportunities, enhance confidence, and helps in protecting someone in need of first aid. The syllabus of the courses is schedule in a way that students can learn quickly and easily.

There are no age groups defined for the students in American Heart Association CPR Institute. College students, house-makers, professionals, businessperson, executives, senior citizens, and so on, can opt for any courses mentioned above. Medical practitioners such as nurses and compounders must opt for such certification to have a robust medical career. Very soon, we will see thousands of people trained for first aid training in our neighborhood due to obtaining first aid classes online.

Candy Nuts

Bulk Candy Nuts A Dynamic Online Candy Store

Candy is a delicacy made from an accumulated solution of sugar in water by adding different flavorings with various colorants. Candies have numerous kinds of varieties, which are made from vegetables, fruit, nuts, etc. and are being glazed with sugar.

Being an online leading retailer of candy and a bricks-and-mortar warehouse for various confectionery items, we are one of the famous candy distributors, in the city of Philadelphia where the history and the industry of candies are closely associated. The Good n’ Plenty & Dubble Bubble Bubble gum which are some of the favorite candies for Americans are manufactured in Philadelphia. And the town of Hershey was the outstanding chocolate products are manufactured & the home of another notable American candy- the Peep, is situated nearby.

BulkCandyNuts is the online hub & perfect source of various confectionery items and candy bouquets that can set a great impression while celebrating a special occasion. Providing retailers or individuals unparalleled online quality brands for candies from gummy chocolates to fresh & original candies of different flavors & colors, It passionately serves the sweet treats to meet the needs of its every single customer. This epicenter of candies also provides customized elegant cheap bulk candy packages of different colorings and flavorings as per the customers’ specific needs.

By focusing & dedicating its time in building the quality brand confections, Bulk Candy Nuts has been successful to supply roughly 1100 different specific products from more than 50 distributors. In order to maintain the competency of its finest candy products, This online store conducts detailed market research and analysis from time to time implementing new strategies ensuring an enjoyable experience to its customers.

The following are some of the primary aspects for why you should consider the brand products of Bulk Candy Nuts:

Proper Categorization for the Selection of products:

The primary importance that you can consider in an online candy store is how the products are being categorized so that it makes it more convenience & easier to select the product of your choice. It offers a large variety of bulk candies from which you can select the different types, colors, flavorings as per your needs at the most affordable prices.

Flexible Online Platform for Easy Use:

It provides the most flexible and the easiest online platform so that the customers can easily access the products while searching & buying the unique candy of their choices. You can easily browse by candy types, colors, flavors, brands, prices, etc.

Easy Payment and Fast Shipping

This store also provides different types of reliable payment systems through different credit cards, online payment services like PayPal & many more online cards with discounts as well. This online wholesale candy store would guarantee full satisfaction for its customers while providing the fastest shipping options at affordable rates. It also provides flexible return policies as well.

Help and Support

As there are wide varieties of candies available in the online market, so, the customers obviously have queries while searching the candies of their choices. The staff at Bulk Candy Nuts provides friendly & helpful information with its customer support services & policies to assist its customers at every single step.

So, providing categorized product selections, easy to use online platform, flexible online payment methods & customer support services, BulkCandyNuts makes the online candy shopping more fun & pleasurable while exploring various confectionery bulk candy nuts & items.

Awesome Photos Of Cates

Five Tips For Shooting Awesome Photos Of Cats

Cats are awesome and fun. And if you ask me, they can be difficult to photograph damn. In this video, Josh Fenn and his model four-legged Wolfie show you five quick tips for taking better photos of cats with any camera and in all conditions.

1. Use a fast speed SHUTTER

Cats move very quickly, and if you want to capture their game in a clear, bright image, shoot at faster shutter speeds. Josh is shooting at 1 / 1000s and recommends a minimum of 1 / 500s. If you do not photograph a cat in the game, but you want to take pictures while he sleeps, you can go lower.

2. USE Light enough

If you shoot with fast shutter speed, you will need enough light. Josh suggests you use a light to direct the window and natural your cat to this part of the room when you want to take pictures.


Using a zoom or telephoto lens allows you to step back and capture the action without interrupting your cat. The objectives of longer focal length also give the cat a good separation of the background. Josh points out that even if you shoot with a smartphone, many newer models have two options for focal length.


Many cat pictures are taken from above, as we humans are greater than our precious pets. So down to the level of cat and make your subject closer to four feet of the viewer.


Cats are awesome and fun and watch them play or makes me think they are still hunting a little crazy. 🙂 Try to capture those moments when the cat is in the middle of the room and freeze the action. All the above tips will help you get beautiful photos: Use a fast shutter speed, enough light, long lens and shoot the eyes of the cat.

Cat lovers there, you take pictures of your four-legged friends? Do you have any tips to share? You can also share photos you’ve taken, I’m crazy about cats. 🙂

cat lovers there, you take pictures of your four-legged friends? Do you have any tips to share? You can also share photos you’ve taken, I’m crazy about cats. 🙂 Our friends Cinema5D had the chance to chat with Sigma recently at Inter Bee 2019 in China. Naturally, they talked about the mirrorless camera Sigma. If you have not been held, is a camera able to shoot full-frame 12-bit CinemaDNG RAW? But these are huge files. Thus, other options are needed for those who want to keep file sizes down or be able to record RAW to an external device such as Atomos Ninja V.

Sigma said in the interview that a future firmware update coming in 2020 will add a LOG image profile and provide a RAW video output over HDMI. They also say that if you choose to take CinemaDNG, you will be able to read it in private – something he can not do.

Good Wedding Photographer

How to Search a Good Wedding Photographer

Choosing a wedding photographer is immensely important. Most often, we don’t think about this aspect earlier and at the beginning of the grand occasion, we find ourselves in a sort of quandary. To help you save from uncertainties, this article briefs you with some helpful tips you can consider to hire a perfect photographer.

First, check out local classifieds and ask the help of your friends, relatives, and neighbours who have already opted for the service of any wedding photographer. They can help you get a reliable piece of advice if they know of anyone who can catch good pics. Next, check out online if there is any good wedding photographer in your locality.

When you have a list of all preferred wedding photographers start comparing them, the main things to consider while comparing is to check their experiences and portfolio. A good photographer should have enough experience to shoot quality pics in tune with your wedding and that the portfolio the photographer carries should give you an insight into the skills the person possesses.

Like if you want to hire a photographer for Jamaican wedding, Caribbean catering, Nigerian wedding; the person should know the setting pertaining to the specific wedding. The better the person is equipped with the local setting and formalities of the wedding, the better he can adjust his creative intellect and picture-taking abilities to catch great moments. So consider this thing really crucial if you really want to hire a great photographer.

Some equally important things to consider while opting for a wedding photographer in London are that the person should arrive on time, should have enough free time to spend on your wedding. So, make sure to check out these before hiring. Ask for a detailed quote including everything. Ask the person to give you an all-round price involving almost everything that needs to be done. Lastly, do not forget to give your complete address and alternative communication numbers so that he arrives on time and contacts you for solving any type of queries.

We are one of the UK’s largest wedding and wedding photographer, offering clients the complete service of wedding

Car Shipping

What is The Aim of Car Shipping?


The need for transporting goods from one place to another involves lots of activities. Goods produced by manufacturing companies are not meant for their own consumption instead they are meant for consumption by a large group of people. Some manufacturers supply their produced goods within their locality or within their own country, whereas some supply only for overseas consumption and some supply for both domestic and international consumption. Such a difference in the supply of goods is based on the demand and consumption capacity of that particular region or locality.

Way of transportation

If the product is not demanded in the market then they need for transporting goods from one place to another would never be felt. Transporting of goods can take place in any form; options that are widely available are like a roadway, waterway and airway can be effectively utilized by every one of us. Hence it can be said that every person is directly or indirectly involved in the activity of transportation.

Transporting your vehicle

Today the market for transportation has reached its new heights. It is not only the goods which get transmitted from one end to another end, even people travel/shift from one region to another and along with them their goods and types of equipment will also be traveled. One such transportation which requires careful and well-thought shipment is the transportation of your car. This takes place when a person decides to relocate from one place to another place.

Car shipping

Since you are going to move to your newer place of stay it is of sure that you would require all your types of equipment to be moved in your newer place of stay. And those who own car(s) will surely seek help from those business concerns who can carry on the activity of transporting the vehicle with safety and protection. And at this point in time organizations like car shipping will turn out to be very helpful for you and for your vehicle. If the location is within your reach (i.e.) within your locality then you might not require the services of auto transport. But if it is from one country to another or an overseas shift then yes you would surely require the services of such transporting organization.

Car Shipping

The ultimate aim of Car shipping is to transport your automobile from one place to another with dual care and responsibility. The service of one organization will vary from the services offered by other organizations. Have they carry very rich experience in transporting automobiles you can rest assure yourself that your vehicle is in safer hands.

Pick up and drop facility will be provided to your car depending on the location of the area or else depending on the location of your residence. Car shipping will make sure to offer a very high quality of service. The activity of shipment will be carried on with the help of the latest technology, types of equipment and with the latest cargo-carrying vehicles. No matter the amount the shipment is going to take place they would never compromise on their service quality.

Get Yoga Certification from Renowned Yoga Instructor

Get Yoga Certification from Renowned Yoga Instructor

I remember how badly I required certification to start my own training center. But unfortunately, I was forced to drop the plan due to not qualifying for certification. Then I realized that how important was it to have the certification in hand which you could show to your students for credibility and getting business.

Then I met one of the renowned instructors in Kerala (India), named Caroline Klebl. She helped me to learn within weeks and I was there standing with them in my hand. But only after I achieved this landmark, I decided to not to go for this profession as it helped me in getting inner-peace by which I got satisfaction in my routine life and also I ultimately stopped running after money. All this was only possible when I was the master of this art. But everyone around me advised me to start up a small -training center through which I can earn my livelihood.

Get Yoga Certification from Renowned Yoga Instructor

But my destiny was somewhere else, after practicing for 6 months, I opted to start a steel trading company, which was funded by my father and supported by my elder brother. While working into the steel industry I was able to earn my livelihood through the hard work put into the business, but without the teachings of Caroline Klebl, I would not be able to achieve the landmarks in life as the teachings helped me to get inner-strength which is required to achieve your goals in life.

It’s not mandatory to have Yoga teacher training India in order to get inner peace or inner strength. All you need is a good yoga instructor who can teach you the path of dedication and satisfaction in life. helps you to keep calm and perform out of the box in your life, it also helps you in attaining the good state of health (mental and physical). A lot of psychologist advice to practice for overcoming depression. So to discuss whether certification yoga is vital for attaining inner-peace is itself a contradictory statement. As in, for some people the practice of is yoga everything and the majority of the people practice and learn yoga stay fit and healthy.

As soon as I learned, yoga my parents and family were amazed through the change they saw in me, I was energetic, responsive and more disciplined than before. Not just this, I was able to concentrate on multiple things at once and perform better. Only after analyzing the change in me, my friends and family opted for training from Caroline Klebl in Kerala and she even left her impression on them. All of my family members were quite happy to take the training from her and I was too thankful to her for her kind support.

Just because I was too busy in my business setup, I could not help them with yoga practices so that was the only reason, I advised them to take part in the yearly classes of Caroline Klebl in Kerala. So, my friends, Yoga Certification is required when you are looking to set up your own business otherwise the spirit to learn and practice yoga is enough to achieve inner peace and inner-strength in life to perform better.

What You Should Know About Moving Business

What You Should Know About Moving Business?

If you are planning to move to make sure you get a good moving company because moving scams have become frequent. Moving companies can relieve you from the hassles of relocating with your family and pets from one destination to another however you need to choose the best in business. Make a very careful decision while you choose the moving company.

What You Should Know About Moving Business

There are so many moving businesses around, choosing the right one can be frustrating. Do your research before hiring the company. The moving companies are in the business to earn money. The competition is high and the thin profit margins make the moving companies desperate to earn money in unscrupulous ways. They tend to squeeze as much money as they can from the customers. Sometimes these are extra fees or hidden charges. At other times it’s just a scam.

Being a consumer, you should be well acquainted with such a moving business and the moving process. You need to avoid the scams and you can do so by increasing your knowledge about the business. An in-home estimate is ideal when you are hiring a moving company. Avoid over the phone estimates as your mover will have to inspect the items and household goods at home to provide the exact estimate. If the moving company does not show any interest to come over your house then it’s better to avoid the mover. Refrain from hiring a company that accepts cash, or claim a huge amount of money before they move. Before hiring it’s advised to read reviews of different moving companies on the internet. The consumer watchdog sites often provide valuable feedback on the moving business. Google Maps is the ideal place to search for a moving company where it provides a review system. You can contact the Better Business Bureau and ask for the performance report of the company you plan to hire. Even you can ask the mover to provide some references and make sure to call them.

Companies that use rental trucks must be avoided. A mover should have a State or Federal licensing and companies without any address should not be hired. A moving company should always have an insurance certificate. You should be well aware of the charges by the company. You should know about your Rights and Responsibilities while you make a move. As per Federal regulations, it’s mandatory for a moving company to provide the customers with a copy mentioning the Rights and Responsibilities.

If your moving company is a broker then make sure they are actually brokering the move to some other company. Get involved in every aspect of moving and ask questions to clear any doubt. Before you make a sign, read the document carefully. You need to protect yourself and you can do it better by having all the documentation along with you. So get everything on paper. There are good companies in the moving business. The above tips will surely help you pick the right one that will fulfill your relocation needs. Wishing you and your family a happy move!