If you want 200% return, check out

If you want 200% return, check out

I recently came across the 150Percent website, please e-mail me and let me know what exactly these people are doin and how they are getting away with it.

No, because they’re using fraudulent funds, so you would have a negative balance in your paypal account and have to pay paypal even if you had transferred your money somewhere else.

Actually, they are not using fraudulent funds. Rather, they are running a very elaborate and very sneaky scam. The problem is that Paypal isn’t going to do anything about it because they can’t. If anyone wants to know how it’s being done, email me at [email protected] . I do not want to post how it’s done to prevent others from doing it.

They paid me on time 200%. You may have to wait a bit longer (12 days) but it is better than having your money scammed from you.

I did my homework on and well, seems the site was created a little less than two weeks ago. Here’s what I found out: Domain Name: 150PERCENT Created on: 06-Apr-05 Expires on: 06-Apr-06

Well, is offering to give your return upfront through PayPal, so I was wondering, even if it is a scam, if you quickly tranferred all of the PayPal to e-gold, could you actually keep the money?

One thing to note Brendan is that this scam has been operating for over a year now. This is the 4th domain name that they have used.

One thing about HYIP’s that most people do not know is that about 99% of them are scams (or will end up scamming you in the long run). The liagold site appears to be a typical HYIP site:

Just from the grammer, domain whois, and the rating sites of choice, the site reminds me of the Almagold/StableInvest scam sites. Similar program and similar returns. If it is them, it will stop paying in a month or two.

Well, I invested and got my money. But now that I realize that paypal will take the money I’m going to stop. As a security measure I’m going to change my email address and pray for the best. Thanks for the infor. Wish I would found you guys before I started.

On another note, I invested in double-bank and they ripped me off

i set up an account but didnt send any money yet after reading all this!! can anyone check please.. they promise 2% a day but that sounds too good to be true as well!!

One thing to note is that while 99% of all HYIP’s are scam, 1% are in fact legit. With regards to Syncinvest, they are one of the longest running HYIP’s on the net (about 3 years now). I use them now and they are pretty decent. I would, however, recommend that if you do want to make money decent money with them, deposit at least $500 into their payday loans Hertford NC system. Then, use their compounding option to increase your principle. I started with a $1,000 deposit and let it grow for about 3 months on 100% compounding. Then, I removed the compounding and now I make a ount per day off the interest.

actually, they’ve only been running for 152 days, i dont know what you’re talking about man.. if you are going to post your opinion, at least post something that is true…

Actually, we are both wrong on the times. Be sure, Alex, before you post that you too make sure that you are correct. Syncinvest has been online since . Thus, about a year and 4 months.