100+ Pretty and you will Funny Nicknames to own Quick Girls

100+ Pretty and you will Funny Nicknames to own Quick Girls

If you’d like to shatter the fresh new shape and you may phone call your short friend or wife some thing book, check out the imminent nicknames.

Towards the end with the article, we will enable you to inside on the an array of funny (and you can lovely) nicknames to have quick females.

We will start by this new pretty nicknames first; however, when you have an even more loving relationship for the lady in the matter, you ought to evaluate all of our funnier labels adopting the new sweet checklist.

Sexy Nicknames getting Quick Lady

Listed here are the fresh cutest nicknames you can label a short woman. These types of brands are best suited to your own quick spouse or pretty nothing cousin.

Munchkin – Although this identity should be one another attractive and you may comedy, it is moreso adorable. At this moment, we reference this new “munchkin” once the some one regarding brief top, such as the Lollipop Guild regarding Genius from Oz.

Shortcake – Cute, unique, and you can fun, title “shortcake” means both the food or perhaps the famous 1970’s cartoon character, Strawberry Shortcake. She was small, nice, and lovable!

Mini-me – Esteem your absolute best pal having far smaller compared to your? “Mini-me” is a great nickname – if you both was evil such as Dr. Worst for the Austin Vitality, otherwise this woman is merely just like you.

Babydoll – Infant dolls try adorable, simple, and brief. Whether you are dating him or her or if you have a glowing character, “baby doll” is a wonderful and you will nice moniker.

Chickie/Chicky – Of course, baby girls is smaller than average lovable, therefore “chickie” is the ideal nickname for your brief females friend!

Teeny – A great moniker to have small females named Tina, that it moniker can also be used to own brief feamales in general. …