Touya has proper relationship with his spouses

Touya has proper relationship with his spouses

In the event on occasion, so you can Touya’s annoyance, their spouses is vulnerable from the his love for them with his aim (because of Karen interfering a great deal); they also disrupt their you to-on-you to definitely moments having that girlfriend accidentally.

Touya are surprised their wives want several boy each; offered increasing 9 pupils manage currently end up being difficult. [14]

Elze Silhoueska

When Touya first came across the lady, the guy considered that Elze are a cute and you can lively woman, who has amazing assaulting experience [15] . Also, Touya try scared out of Elze’s brute electricity as the she by yourself is also subdue its enemies easily [16] . Given that tale improvements, their thoughts for her are changed into regarding good daredevil lady exactly who serves ahead of she believes [17] , regardless if his viewpoint from the her becoming lovely never ever change [18] . For a passing fancy big date, the guy unconsciously prefers Elze in lots of things that have been adequate to make their fall for your. Up to one day, Touya must duel which have Elze in some way, which had been later found is Elze’s like confession [19] . To make things formal, Touya up coming offered Elze a secret-enchanted diamond ring because a wedding ring and an excellent mithril chain so she you certainly will wear it given that good necklace [20] . Touya afterwards also met Elze’s guardians, the lady sibling and you may aunt, within hometown as one of their way to tell you their seriousness inside their relationship [21] . Ultimately, Touya married Elze as he assured the girl [6] .

Touya is a great buddy out-of Elze. He worries about her whenever something unsafe goes doing their. This is certainly seen when Touya conserved the lady when she are getting wounded from the cricket terms [22] . Touya and additionally mentioned that she’s their dear mate and then he carry out blame themselves if the he allow her to in peril. [23] . Its connections usually are lead or playfully harsh, whether or not mostly on Elze’s front. These kinds of telecommunications is visible inside Elze’s human anatomy gesture when knowing Touya’s incapacity to see and you can generate the language [24] , when Touya mentioned to your Elze diminished secret attraction [25] , and in case Elze scolded Touya to be the past individual visited the conference point [26] .

In battle, Touya appears to trust Elze’s attacking ability and not question the girl about it. That it telecommunications is seen as he instantly chose to help Yae deal with good mob without having to worry their electricity drawbacks [27] , or totally faith the woman in order to subjugate several horned wolves as he subduing others getting [28] .

Linze Silhoueska

Touya’s very first view regarding the Linze is the fact she actually is a cute, cool, and you may composed girl [15] . He and turned into believing that the woman is your mind of your own dual siblings immediately following its very first hangout [29] . He even accidentally praised the girl to be attractive [18] . Because tale improvements, Touya’s unconscious love to possess Linze got made the woman fall in love that have him. 1 day, through to choosing an unexpected hug off Francesca, Linze, which as well as introduce at that time and you will suddenly offered him a beneficial kiss too [30] .

From the the first communication, Touya thought that Linze was a bashful person when he thought distant from her [31] . While they journeyed together, Touya’s relationship that have Linze plus expanded. He significantly cares on her when one thing harmful happens up to this lady. Touya actually mentioned that the woman is his precious spouse in which he would blame themselves if the guy let her in danger. [23] .

Inside battle, Touya seems to faith Linze’s assaulting feature and you may skills as opposed to 2nd curious the lady. This is viewed as he instantly chose to let Yae deal with an excellent mob without worrying their power disadvantages [27] , or entirely believe the lady to look at a team of horned wolves as he subjugated one other being [28] .