Prepare And Stay Safe Using Topographic Maps When Bush Waking

Prepare And Stay Safe Using Topographic Maps When Bush Waking

When out in the Australian Alps walking the track or any other Australian national park it is your responsibility to be properly prepared and stay safe. You need to plan in advance, be well in advance and equip your vehicle and yourself properly. Make sure you are carrying sufficient water and food. Another important factor is to have a decent map of the area so that you can locate huts or camping sites. The Australian Alps walking track is a rugged remote alpine country situated in Victoria. When adventuring into such territory you should have excellent navigational skills, and be self-reliant and experienced. When walking on the Alps Track you must be well prepared and equipped.

As opposed to lower altitudes, the weather conditions in the mountains are much less predictable, wetter and much colder, as the spring and winter snow usually covers long sections of the track and topographic maps of the area are essential to have. It is common to have snowfalls and thunderstorms in the summer, especially higher up in the mountains. Be prepared to camp in all types of conditions and you also need to be able to recognize and treat hyperthermia and hypothermia symptoms. It is of the utmost importance to carry a full set of maps as you will need to know where you are located at all times in the event that the track markers are difficult to find.

When walking in the Australian Alps use your common sense, knowledge and bushwalking skills. Do not go in a big group as small groups are far better and easier to handle. Gather as much information as possible with regards to the section of the Alps you intend to walk. Find out if there are any risks and hazards and how to deal with them effectively. Before departure check the weather conditions, as the weather changes instantly at any time in the Alps, so prepare for the worst. Leave all your travel details with a family member, so if something should happen then they know where to look for you. For emergency protection, use huts or existing campsites.

You require the knowledge and skills to be able to use topo maps and a compass; you need to have outdoor and bush first aid skills and be able to recognize and handle hyperthermia and survival situations. If you have no experience then you should not attempt such adventure as the Alps Walking Track is not to be taken lightly. There is a chance you can get lost as well as die out there if you are not experienced. Many before you have met with disaster, due to not being properly prepared.

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