Furude Rika (?? ??) is the in the course of time genuine chief protagonist of your own Higurashi zero Na ku Koro ni show

Furude Rika (?? ??) is the in the course of time genuine chief protagonist of your own Higurashi zero Na ku Koro ni show

This woman is the latest dizawa. This woman is the current miko/kannushi, or shrine maiden/priestess, of your own Furude Shrine, lookin in miko attire for her a portion of the Watanagashi Festival. She looks like the newest protagonist regarding Minagoroshi-hen

Character Summary

Rika appears like nothing more than a secondary character for far of the first 1 / 2 of Higurashi. While the facts moves on, although not, viewers learn that this woman is in reality in the centre of most of unusual events, just like the their passing is the trigger into the Higher Hinamizawa Crisis (excluding Watanagashi-hen and Meakashi-hen) and you will following the events. Even with only becoming murdered five times on the-monitor, dialogue sooner or later verifies one to she’s already been slain shortly after for every single arc (up until Matsuribayashi-hen and you may Miotsukushi-hen) and all sorts of other unseen worlds.

This new villagers off Hinamizawa keep Rika into the high value, while the besides are she really the only daughter of one’s Furude clan, one of several three higher domiciles out of Hinamizawa, this woman is in addition to thought to be the fresh new reincarnation of regional goddess Oyashiro-sama. Even though Rika are entitled to sit-in and then have a sound when you look at the community conferences because of their nearest and dearest position, this woman is not necessary to go to due to this lady early age. She life together with her classmate and best friend, Hojo Satoko, from inside the a little domestic by the Furude Shrine. 

About third year of your own comic strip, an adolescent Rika wears a college consistent shirt with the same crest Shion wears during the Curse e season’s Tataridamashi-hen, which suggests one Rika ultimately attends St. Lucia Academy. The will fundamentally getting verified. The initial episode of one to season’s Nekodamashi-hen demonstrates 5 years possess introduced while the incidents from Matsuribayashi-hen for the 1983.

Part since King Company

Once the a child of your Furude clan, Rika is thought become a “Queen Provider.” Very early concepts towards the Hinamizawa Problem hold the Queen Provider try a necessary part of village’s endurance and you may in place of the woman, the newest villagers would wade aggravated from inside the 2 days. Which concept was disproved inside Watanagashi-hen, where whenever Sonozaki Shion kills Rika, and you may Meakashi-hen, in which Rika commits suicide. In instances, the fresh villagers don’t work and life in their eyes continues on generally speaking, even towards the Heisei Time and you may at night seasons 2000, since shown of the Meakashi-hen’s endgame Info. The idea really does appear to consist of a grain off facts, even though, as the Ryugu Rena went partly nuts whenever she is according to the worry away from her moms and dads breakup if you find yourself surviving in Ibaraki incase she returned to Hinamizawa she went back on track in virtually any globe found regarding series other than the ”Ayakashisenshi-hen” arc, in which there are not any obvious experiences for any of one’s characters as a result of the wild difference between the world and each almost every other world (including Keiichi and you may Satoshi becoming along with her and you will Hanyu are a fairy of a few type), together with Saikoroshi-hen arch, the spot where the community was sinless, and you may Rena (whom called by herself Reina, this lady offered term) had never gone to live in Ibaraki rather than suffered with Hinamizawa Disorder.

Although not, a number of the deference proven to Rika from the villagers may getting an involuntary acknowledgement of the woman character once the King Provider. How precisely the updates regarding Queen Carrier was passed is actually unclear, though it seems that it’s handed down from women of the Furude clan. This is because on the cupid reddit genetics you to definitely Takano Miyo pursues her due to the fact research topic. The girl mothers decline to enable it to be Rika for use within style, plus in buy to get their means, Takano is over happy to eliminate them.

Rika’s dad becomes deceased after being drugged by the Yamainu, and you can Rika’s mommy try vivisected if you are the fresh Queen Company prior to Rika. Ultimately, Takano identifies you to, once numerous years of observing, she has to kill the Queen Supplier too. Rika’s death is the rotate part each of the problems out-of Higurashi; with her passing, Takano can be wipe out the entire town with the pushes within the girl discretion, so you can “prevent” the “doomsday situation” their pops predicted to the town, if you find yourself meanwhile reaching “god” updates on her behalf along with her grandfather.