2009 Prom Hair: Ideas From The Celebrities

As important as it is to have the perfect prom dress, it is just as important to have the perfect hairstyle that compliments it and your personality. In 2009, prom hairstyles embody some of the hottest celebrity trends. Hairstylists have been watching the stars as they walked the red carpet at the Academy Awards and Golden Globes to figure out what works and what doesn’t and transform those styles into gorgeous and easy-to-do prom hairstyles.

Ideas From The Celebrities

When it comes to 2009 prom hairstyles, picture your dress on your favorite celebrity and see if it will jive with their award show updo. Also, look at the dresses the celebrities wore, match the similar ones to yours and see how they chose to wear their hair. Here are a few of the highlights we caught that you may want to use for your prom hairstyle.


A big 2009 prom hairstyle trend is the bohemian look. These styles allow you to show some freedom and a care-free attitude. Consider weaving tiny braids into you updo like Lauren Conrad, Whitney Port, and Charlize Theron have done at events past.


You don’t always have to go for the tight updo for these special occasions. Consider wearing your hair down with decorative pins to keep wisps out of your face. Or wear it half up. Long hair elongates your neck, perfect for strapless dresses. Celebrity examples of this hairstyle include Leighton Meester from Gossip Girl and her co-star Blake Lively. These ladies sport long luscious waves while walking the red carpet at premieres many times.


Taking shiny, straight hair and pulling it into a sophisticated updo for prom is elegant and beautiful and one of the most popular ways to create a put-together look. Sleek straight hair was a rave on the runways this year, and the trend was followed quickly by the likes of Nicole Richie, Gisele Bundchen, and the always glamorous Kate Hudson. To get this effect, straighten your hair using a blow dryer or flat iron, spray it with a hair strengtheners to protect the hair and create shine. Then pull up the hair into your chosen updo, combing out any pumps and laying the hair in a way that looks put together and organized. A hairstylist can help you with a number of different sleek updo designs.


Those of you with short hair need not feel left out from having a great prom updo or another celebrity hairstyle this year. Take a tip from short-haired ladies like Victoria Beckham, Katie Holmes, and Reese Witherspoon. These ladies glam up their hairstyle with half updos and added body and curls. You can do the same ? just look over some of their best red carpet shots and see what you can duplicate.


In 2009, adding a little sparkle to your updo is okay, but it should be understated. Add a small sparkly pin or comb that accents the dress and ads pizzazz to your hairstyle without overpowering the entire package.

No matter how you choose to wear your hair on this very special night, you can’t go wrong. 2009 is all about taking risks, pushing the envelope, and trying contemporary looks that are only seen on the red carpet. When it comes to the 2009 prom hairstyles, you are only limited by your imagination. Go for it!